Athens never sleeps

Monastiraki Square


From the most picturesque little tavern to the most modern bar, Psirri has options for every person. In order to explore Athens, choose among Greece’s fine restaurants to try mouzaka, tzatziki or the Greek salad (called choriatiki) with tasteful olives, Greek feta cheese and pure virgin olive oil.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Many wine bars are located in a small distance from Athenian Residences. However a vineyard and winery tour can definitely persuade you to taste the local authentic wine with colorful taste. Walk through the grapes, taste the wines and watch the tasting seminar in the cellars. Discover who the wine ΄maturing΄, the fine essence from the juices and the different aromas.

Plaka Neighborhood

Shopping Stores

Starting from Syntagma square and ending all the way to Gazi, Ermou street is very famous for its international brands, clothing, shoes and cosmetic stores. Ermou high street only 2 minutes away from Athenian Residences. Discounts and sales will definitely persuade you. Next to Ermou street is the Ancient Agora of Athens, where someone can find little local stores with souvenirs and antiques.