Why visiting Athens

Hopefully you will love Athens. Just follow the rythm of this vibrant city and you will discover many interesting things to do.

I know. I know…. You will definitely ask me why to visit a capital city like Athens instead of the islands of Greece or the countryside.
Weeeell. I am aware that all tourists usually stop only for one day or two before heading to our beautiful sunny islands, buuuut….. I am an Athenian girl and I like staying here. Hopefully you’re gonna love Athens if you see it through my eyes. 
Athens it’s a typically historical capital with lively distinctive diversity among the people and lots to see according to your preferences. 
But, let’s see what to do at the capital, in order to avoid boredom, these few days you will stay going towards islands. 
There are many-many-many coffee places and terrace bars at the centre of Athens, where either you can drink your coffee in peace and quiet or you could wrangle with the next table about political issues between countries. In a roof top bar you would doubtless taste a cold cocktail looking at the beautiful view and the mobility of people-ants walking around going to work. I am sure that you will enjoy your inactivity of your thoughts, realizing that every now and then we all need a break from our daily routine to clear up our minds.
The next best thing to relax in the center of the city is to walk around without a cause, meaningless. Just start rambling and eventually you will relax and discover hidden treasures, like the gentrified neighborhood of Psirri (one of the oldest quarters of Athens, among the 5first neighborhoods), where our small two-character boutique hotel Athenian Residences is located among Greek traditional taverns and restaurants. Continuing your stroll to Thissio neighborhood and passing through Apostolou Pavlou street you can taste fried corn or fried chestnuts and cotton candy or rooster shape lollipops from the street vendors until you will pass the Odeon of Herodus Atticus and reach Acropolis museum. 
You are already there, so…….. you h-a-v-e t-o s-e-e the Acropolis (and the 2nd day –I propose- Ancient Agora and the change of Guards, the Panathinian Olympic stadium and Temple of Zeus). It’s like going to Venice and didn’t take a venetian gondola for a ‘walk’. So, the magnificent Doric temple of Parthenon at the top of Acropolis was built at 447BC. You will remain speechless from the decorations and the many pillars. It is a huge experience to come and explore all the above. Oh trust me. it will definitely stimulate your brain. With no doubt, you will certainly find your calmness by starring the Aegean Sea and the view of the whole Athens. 
Then you can continue your promenade at the bottom of Acropolis to Anafiotika, which is part of the old historical neighborhood of Plaka to see the architecture and stepping down to Monastiraki square to discover artifacts-antiques inside the flea market.
Finally, do not forget THE FOOD. The food in Greece has the bigger part of our culture. We can arrange culinary lessons for you to learn how to prepare Greek delicacies like spanakopita and mouzaka and tzatziki. Or you could simply eat all of them in a picturesque tavern. Try souvlaki and mezze and sea food and if you are looking for vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free food I can assure you that the Greek cuisine is full of them. It has many vegetables, legumes, fresh so-soooo flavored fruits and variety of olives. 
I am confident that you will not be bored and since the sea is close to the centre with the tram from Syntagma square (or from Monastiraki square with a hop on-hop off bus), you could definitely see the Athens Riviera and having lunch at one of many beach bars or continuing dancing with your bathing suit as the night is coming. Or you could just refresh yourselves to our plunge pool in the middle of the day and then continue your rambling.
If you have more days try yoga lessons to our garden every morning, couples massage inside your room, face-hair-nails treatment inside the privacy of your room (because: happy wife, happy life) or tell us arrange tours to vineyards, wine tour inside Athens, picnic to the remaining of the old palace of Tatoi, fun park for grown ups, zoo visit, escape rooms, limba range rooms to express your anger in a safety environment, brunch or activities like kayak/scuba diving, bike/electric bike/boat to see more neighborhoods and more culture.
And many-many more.
As you can see, there are many things to do in Athens. Just let us know what do you need -calmness or activities- and we will propose to you or arrange for you.
So…….see you soon in the center of Athens.
Apostolou Maria

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