Activities for families with children ..... or without!

Activities for families


With or without kids, either way, you will find so many things to do in Athens.

But, since here at Athenian Residences we have large apartments 55-75sqm (which they can fit up to 3-6persons) it’s common for us to host large families with kids. That’s why we also have babysitters for all ages whom they will bring educational games for your children depend on their age. We also have cribs, baby seats for feeding, baby carpets and boosters/baby seats inside the shuttle cars that bringing you from the airport.


But, for you that you want to spend quality time with your kids, I will list you now few things to do inside and outside Athens with them, in order to plan your trip more efficiently:


  1. Just 2blocks from the hotel there is the museum of illusions.
  2. Behind the hotel, next to the parking lot for our customers, there is an escape room.
  3. Only few blocks from the hotel there is a limba range room, where the kids can express their mobility and energy smashing things, like old tv, beer bottles or old cell phones with appropriate uniform in a safe environment.
  4. One block from the hotel there is a cupcake place that has many rooms decorated from fairytales and a big dragon in the roof, called Little Kook This one has separated the rooms with themes. You can have a hot chocolate-ice cream-cake-bubble tea (& alcohol for parents) at Cinderella’s room or at Nutcracker's room or ..... many others.
  5. Few meters away from our hotel, inside Monastiraki’s flea market there is an ice cream-marshmallows-candy shop with Hans&Gretel theme.
  6. At the Acropolis museum, in order to avoid the boredom of kids, you could take a tour especially for kids. These tours are interactive and the kids are learning through activities about myths and Greece's ancient gods like Zeus, goddess Athena and Aphrodite.
  7. Inside Athens there is an amusement park that has special department for kids activities called kidom ( an another one that it is only for kids-toddlers and has special edition for summer (
  8. You can see the museum of Greek children's art or play and cook greek biscuits and bread at the Hellenic Children’s museum or to visit the museum of school life and education where you can see our books and what we were using many years ago for writing in Greece.
  9. There are also some playgrounds you could visit, like:  (where there are many restaurants and coffee places to hang after the playground or walk by the sea, or visit the George Averrof battleship and Greek mythology’s Argo wooden ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed from Iolcos to Colchis to retrieve the Golden Fleece) and playground inside the national gardens of Zappeion by the Syntagma square.
  10. You could also visit the natural history  museum and the planetarium which has movies for kids
  11. At the Stavros Niarchos foundation, depends of the day, you could take a canoe ride, bicycles in safe environment, treasure hunt and many other kid's friendly activities
  12. Also you can visit the zoo near the airport.
  13. Outside the city, near the airport also, there is a dinosaurs park with farm where the kids can feed the animals or plant a tree.

Or 14) we could arrange to go for gym session at the Panathinaic Stadium, where the first Olympic Games took place.

Let us know what activities you prefer in order to help you arrange them. Indoor or outdoor. Trekking or cycling all around Athens or hiking at the mountains nearby. Picnic at the remainings of the old palace of Tatoi or at Filopappou hill.


For the parents that want to keep the daily fitness program of their children, you can book with us kids fitness (parents can also participate and enjoy a family memorable experience together) on our yard. This program is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers of our hotel and helps them develop a lifelong love of fitness delivered in a fun and enjoyable way under the warm Athenian sun (or really early in the morning. You will decide the hours).


Me' Maria and our receptionist Eleni, we are here to help you enjoy your vacations and do not worry about daily things or planning. So, just ask us to arrange your activities.

Ready to plan your next vacation in Athens?